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Xbox app for PC updates with Cloud Gaming and Xbox Remote Play

Microsoft today announced the release of two features of theXbox app for Windows 10 that were already being tested by members of the Windows Insiderprogram; these are Cloud Gaming and Xbox Remote Play. The first is the xCloud support that we could already use on PC through the dedicated site, while now we can play on the cloud (after owning a Game Pass Ultimatesubscription) directly from the Xbox app.

The second, Xbox Remote Play,is instead a feature that was present in the past for Xbox One and that was missed on the new consoles: the game streaming from your console, through the home network. In this way, if the TV is busy but you still want to play a game, you can connect to the console from a PC and play streaming using the bandwidth of your home network.

Both features have been activated on the Xbox app without the need for updates: for Cloud Gaming you just have to click on the " Games inthe cloud" button, while for Xbox Remote Play you will find a button on the top right bar, near the notification icon. Now you just have to try them and start the fun!