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Rumor on xbox 2021 line-up: Forza Horizon 5 set in Mexico, Starfield exclusive

Xbox Series X and S owners are having a lot of satisfaction with both the Game Pass and the excellent performance all games have on both new Microsoft consoles, but fans are starting to wonder: which exclusives will we see this year? Obviously one is Halo Infinite,but what will be beyond the title of 343 Industries?

So some of the best-known and most informed journalists and insiders in the industry think about putting the flea in our ears, and if what they're suggesting will come true, this year we could see a Horizon 5 Force set in Mexico and Bethesda Starfield's sci-fi RPG as an Xbox exclusive.

Let's start with Forza Horizon 5: it was already a few days ago that a rumor was going, launched by journalist Jeff Grubb, according to which the title would be released this year but denying that it would be set in Japan, as many fans had hoped. And to put more gasoline on the fire now both Grubb and Windows Central journalist Jez Corden, who innocently tweeted "I want to visit Mexico one day", adding the emoji of a car. It would seem like a harmless tweet and not connected to the world of video games, if it were not for the fact that Jeff Grubb later retweeted it adding that he is taking Spanish lessons and the phrase " elcoche va vroom", meaning "the machine does vroom" in Spanish.

In short, there is no doubt that two journalists and insiders are suggesting to us that Forza Horizon 5 will be set in Mexico,or in any case in South America: and it would be a very sensible choice for the franchise, since these are countries that offer a huge variety of environments: beautiful beaches, tropical forests, ancient temples and pyramids, colorful cities, snow-capped mountains, rivers, waterfalls, deserts and canyons. They would be really spectacular scenery to drive.

Now let's move on to Starfield,the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG announced by Bethesda at E3 2018 and of which nothing has been known since: according to youtuber and insider Rand at Thor 19,the game will be 100% an exclusive Xbox and will arrive this year. Rand explains that the title was actually expected by the end of last year (and we already know, through some insiders, that Sony was trying to get the exclusive), but that it was postponed due to development delays due to the global pandemic; but now it would be in full finishing and bugfixingphase, and then it will be ready for launch later in the year.

If these rumors were confirmed, this year we would then have at least Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 and Starfield as xbox exclusives included in the Game Pass,without obviously considering other surprises that Microsoft might have in store. Let's hope so!