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The Initiative scoops talents by Rockstar, Sony Santa Monica, Crystal Dynamics and Respawn

It seems that Microsoft has not yet closed for shopping season: after the announcement of new studies done at E3 and the news of acquisitions for the second study of Playground (engaged, according to rumor, the new Fable), now is the time to learn more about the activities of The Initiative , the super-studio "AAAA" opened by Microsoft in Santa Monica, California.

The head of the studio Darrell Gallagher, formerly head of Crystal Dynamics, has in fact recently posted on Linkedin (probably before removing it for privacy) the names of the new talents acquired for study, and these include leading figures of imported studies around the world.

Specifically the new Californian study of Microsoft won the services of Senior Managing Producer of the new God of War at Sony Santa Monica Brian Westergaard (formerly Lead Producer of Rise of the Tomb Raider in Crystal Dynamics ) and Christian Calaguio , Leader Writer and Designer for Red Dead Redemption at Rockstar Games ; to these are added, always from Crystal Dynamics , the head of recruiting Annie Lohr (who held the same role also Respawn ) and Co-Director of Rise of the Tomb Raider Daniel Neuburger .

There is also an internal "acquisition: Blake Fischer , formerly Microsoft employee who worked as head of the planning of investment securities of Xbox and involved in bringing the console titles such as The Witcher 3, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Ninja Gaiden, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Blinx, Tao Feng, Fall Out 3, Killer Instinct, Cuphead, The Elder Scrolls IV and many others, is now an integral part of The Initiative .

In short, Microsoft is demonstrating with actions their intentions to create a study full of top talents and extensive experience: the study, however, is currently under construction, so it is very likely that will be the last among all the new studies, Microsoft, which we will see a game: given the our ambitious team, we will have to wait probably until 2022 to see something.