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Rumor: a leak reveals possible new exclusive development for Xbox One

You know, the hardware was the year 2017 for Microsoft: the company launched Xbox One X proposing the most powerful console out there, but at the same time different titles that were supposed to go out during the year were sent back to 2018 ( Crackdown 3 , Sea of Thieves , State of Decay 2 ) or cancelled completely ( Scalebound ). Fans look then at the new year not only for the arrival of the long-anticipated titles, but also for the announcement of new games.

It is likely, however, that prior to E3 in June wouldn't hear of new games, as always we think the leaks of various types to give us an idea of what we might expect in the future. And the year begins very well in terms of leak , with the user of ResetEra (the new forum of reference for Western gaming, originating from a large number of users and moderators escapees from NeoGAF) Klobrille which has just posted a enigmatic message.

Klobrille works somehow with Xbox Live: maybe it's a developer who has access to Microsoft's online service API, but the fact is that two years ago had anticipated on Reddit a number of titles under development that have proved to be real. Now the user has explained on ResetEra to have located on the Live database of information about games and gaming sessions about numerous known titles that never announced.

We present, translated into Italian, as posted by the user:

I would go back to Albion. The project name may be Wisdom. A study of UK should make it happen.

I would love to play again with Ms. Dabreo. The Coalition could help with the project if it is a third person action game. I mean, not alone of course.

I would like to also play the Crackdown campaign in co-op 3 to 4 players. (ndt: this is not a revelation, is a feature already claimed)

I would love to play with the rising sun on the horizon (Horizon).

I would love to play early with AoE4 ... But it's probably too soon.

I also have a very large number of players (connections per session basis) in the largest Xbox franchise.

Oh, and I'm sure that Phil likes the Mechs.

Klobrille explains that it has found the reference to other codenames that is not managed to bring a franchise known, so these are very likely new IP.

However from this enigmatic post, written as a sort of wish-list so as not to incur the wrath of the moderators of ResetEra which require that all revelation and leak's first demonstrated in a tangible way to the staff, we deduce the following information:

  • A new Fable is in development at an English study. Codename: Wisdom.
  • A new Perfect Dark is in development, but this time it is a third person action game. The Coalition (Gears of War) is helping with development, but also other studies are involved.
  • Horizon Force 4 is set in Japan.
  • Age of Empires 4 might be in development for Xbox One.
  • Halo 6 will have a multiplayer mode from the tremendous number of contemporary players.
  • A new MechWarrior/MechAssault is in development for Xbox One.

What do you think? I wish some of these predictions come true? Of course stay tuned to find out how much of this will be officially announced!