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GTA Online announces new and crazy event: the shot of the Apocalypse

Continued support of Rockstar in multiplayer Online GTA , Grand Theft Auto V , which through a trailer presents us with a new free update to arrive on 12 December and called the shot of the Apocalypse , introducing a new crazy robbery.

Rockstar describes the blow this way, " a big piece of technology, a member of the intelligence idealist, a conspirator unsocial and a supercomputer neurotic are forced to form an unlikely alliance to save San Andreas from destruction. While unknown enemies threaten to unleash the Apocalypse, you and your team will need to unveil criminal mysteries among the chaotic streets of Los Santos, on the ocean floor and even in the depths of Mount Chiliad, in an unprecedented online epic "

We just have to leave you to the trailer: enjoy!

MX Video - Grand Theft Auto V