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Christmas deals at Amazon: here are the top games on sale

Amazon Italy launched today the initiative of Christmas offers , which will see the arrival of a series of daily discounts from now to the end of the year; While for all active discounts you can refer to this page , please note the first games to have been granted on the occasion of the initiative.

It starts with Bethesda, which riprone two rebates already seen during the Black Friday but you could be lost in its time: Let's talk about Wolfenstein 2 can be purchased at the price of 39.99 Euros , and The Evil Within 2 , also in 39.99 Euros .

We then find two titles that reach for the first time their lowest price: we talk about the racer of Codemasters DiRT 4 , sold 29.99 Euro 57% discount on the official price, and excellent driving simulator urban Cities Skylines , which you can buy at the price of 24.99 Euros .

As always we do not know how long these deals, so we suggest you hurry if you are interested!

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