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Three new trailers and a set of images for Dynasty Warriors 9

Tecmo Koei has released three new short trailers of the gameplay of Dynasty Warriors 9 , in which we see as protagonists Zhao Yun, Cheng Pu , and Xin Xianyingin in action; These are accompanied by a voluminous set of images depicting Wei Cao Pi's, Xiahou Yuan, Jia Xu, Dian Wei, Wu's Gan Ning, Taishi Ci, Zhou Yu, Shu's Guan Ping, Xu Shu, Yueying, Liu Shan, Jin's Zhuge Dan, Deng Ai and Dong Zhuo in casual clothes.

We leave you to trailers and pictures, remembering that Dynasty Warriors 9 will be available on Xbox One from 13 February 2018 : enjoy!

MX Video - Dynasty Warriors 9