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Code Vein: revealed two characters and new details

The Japanese magazine Famitsu Weekly revealed in the latest issue of two new characters of Code Vein , Rui and I , and some important information about the title. Rui describes how a young leader whose purpose is to save the Revenant while I is a Revenant that tightens a friendship with the protagonist and, despite having lost his memory, turns out to have a lot of information on the Vein and Revenants .

About the details of the game, we find that in the Player Code Vein create their character when they have a large variety of even minute details like size and brilliance of the pupils, and customize it to your liking. You have the ability to equip up to two different weapons that can be interchanged without having to open the menu. The player can also leverage one system to accumulate experience points that allow him to increase their statistics.

As for the fight, the function Special Blood Sucking , allowing us to suck and accumulate greater amounts of blood, can be activated only under certain conditions that, when met, will significantly increase the intensity of attacks aimed at the enemy. The combat system has to make combos, blocks and dodges.

Please note that Code Vein is still under development and the output is set in 2018.