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On August 20 didn't recore any official news

After several rumors indicating the arrival of a didn't ReCore any: Definitive Edition with the long-awaited fifth robot and new environments and challenges, in a few days we will finally official news on this expansion/remake of the game: the developers have announced on the Twitter channel of the game on 20 August will be given all the news, accompanying the ad with an image of Joules as he runs on board the new robot T8NK that will make the crossings on the sand much faster as well as allowing us to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

On August 20 is the date when, at 21:00, Microsoft held its direct pre-Gamescom doing different ads (don't expect however revelations of "E3 class"), and is therefore in that forum that we imagine will be revealed the game news. We just have to wait: Meanwhile, enjoy the new image of the game.