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EA explains what content for Battlefield Access will be playable in advance with 1 EA

Like all titles developed by EA, Battlefield 1 also will benefit the benefits reserved to subscribers and to Access with the ability to play it in advance. The Californian Publisher has now revealed what content will be available to users and to Access since October 13 , the date for the beginning of the early test of 10 hours.

EA service subscribers can play upfront with five maps (battle of San Quentin, Amiens, Sinai desert, fortress of Fao and Suez), four ways (Rush, operations, dominate and conquer) and the two missions of the single-player campaign entitled " Storm of steel " and "Through mud and blood".

As always, all the progress made during the 10 hours of preview will also be present in the final game; also all participants to test EA Access will receive a dogtag "T rench Raider "while those who have consumed all 10 hours of waiting for them to find a proof Battlepack code launch game.