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Prototype 2: announced the Blackwatch Collector's Edition

Activision has unveiled a new limited edition Prototype 2 called ' Blackwatch Collector's Edition "that will provide a few fan six bonus content at a price of Euro: 89.90 all contents of Radnet Edition , the first additional content entitled" Colossal Destruction ", the official soundtrack cd of the game, an exclusive digital comics, artbook" Prototype: The Labirinth "and a voucher that offers 20% discount on the online shop of Prototype. We leave you to the full release, the image of this limited edition and a movie that summarizes the features.


Legnano, MI – 15 February 2012 in an attempt to prevent the explosion of the virus becomes reality, Blacklight Radical Entertainment and Activision Publishing, Inc., a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI ), confirmed today that will launch the final product for the biological control of infection, the Blackwatch Collector's Edition of PROTOTYPE ® 2 . Available in extremely limited quantities from 24 April 2012, the Blackwatch Collector's Edition of PROTOTYPE ® 2 will be available at the retail price of 89,90€ and will contain:

  • The contents of the RADNET Edition PROTOTYPE ® 2
  • The DLC Pack # 1 of PROTOTYPE ® 2 named Colossal Destruction (Colossal Mayhem)
  • The CD with the soundtrack official PROTOTYPE ® 2
  • An exclusive hardcover artbook of PROTOTYPE ® 2
  • The comic Dark Horse " PROTOTYPE : The Labrinth" released digitally only
  • A voucher that offers 20% discount on Merchandise Store of PROTOTYPE

"When we started to discuss the idea of creating a Collector's Edition for PROTOTYPE ® 2 , we immediately thought it would be something special to our most passionate fans – all those who have played and replayed the previous chapter several times; those who constantly debated whether Mercer or Heller stronger character; those who are more into the skin while waiting to pick up the controller and experience everything that PROTOTYPE ® 2 has to offer, "says Ken Rosman, Studio Head, Radical Entertainment.  "Happy to let our audience, our Blackwatch Collector's Edition contains not only the content of the recently announced RADNET Edition but also includes our first DLC pack – Colossal Destruction (Colossal Mayhem) – coming out in may, a voucher to download the third and final inspired PROTOTYPE ® 2 from the title of The Labyrinth, as well as the spectacular soundtrack and artbook and a voucher valid for a discount of 20% on the purchase of merchandise from the store of PROTOTYPE where you can choose from a large assortment of products branded PROTOTYPE ® 2 . In short, everything that every fan of P2 might want! "

Action game Sequel open-world best seller of 2009 of Radical Entertainment, PROTOTYPE ® 2 continues the original PROTOTYPE experience of bringing the gaming experience to new levels.  As the new protagonist of the game, the infected Sergeant James Heller, gamers will make way through a desolate New York Zero (or more simply NYZ) post viral, with an unprecedented movement skills, with the ability to build a vast arsenal of weapons and genetic ability deadly biological, hunting, killing and consuming in order to reach the ultimate goal, kill ...Alex …Mercer!

For more information about PROTOTYPE 2 you can see the official Twitter channel: and the official site for the last trailer, screenshots and much more! And for fans, you can connect to the Facebook page and join the army of PROTOTYPE – a growing community that has already more than 380.000 fans who receive constant updates, previews and sneak peeks from the team of Radical.

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